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We purchased The Entertainer book early this year and with only a few weeks left before we say adios to 2015, I told my husband that we will only dine in restaurants and cafes that accepts the vouchers. We have to get the most out of this book.

I’ve been seeing Fraiche (pronounced as fresh) Cafe & Bistro’s ads on my Facebook feed and I’ve always been intrigued. They always have favourable reviews and when I checked my Entertainer book, I’m so glad that Fraiche is there.

So this morning, while Gibson is doing his godfather duties and Cole was in his catechism class, my sister, her husband and Biel went to Jumeirah Lakes Towers to try this restaurant.

The place is easy to locate and there’s free parking available which is always a plus point. The restaurant was buzzing with people when we arrived and we have to wait for 10-15 minutes which wasn’t that bad. I read that this is always the scenario on weekends and I always take it as a good sign.

The place has minimalistic design and looks bright. I love the vibe.
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Here’s their one-page menu
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Jholen and Joseph both had cafe latte
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Since we have buy one get one vouchers, we decided to order 4 dishes and just share them among ourselves.

I know it’s breakfast time but I’ve been craving for burger for several days now (even pizza!) so when I saw the burger options on the menu I told my sister we have to order one. I’m torn between Fraiche Burger, and Mushroom and Swiss so I asked our server which would he prefer and he points to the mushroom one so Mushroom and Swiss burger it was!

We all agree that this is a good burger. Simple, tasty, juicy and cooked just the way we liked it. It comes with either an order or fries or salad.FullSizeRender 302_Fotor

Just to try something new, we ordered Turkey Benedict instead of the classic Egg Benedict. It’s two poached eggs with home-made turkey loaf on toasted English muffin topped with basil & lime hollandaise.

See the patty in between the muffin and egg? That’s the turkey loaf and it tasted similar to our embutido. I enjoyed this.
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I ordered French Toast for Biel but she’s more interested with fries and didn’t even take one bite of her food. I know she would love this if only she tried.

Brioche French toasts served with mixed berries and a choice between chocolate or maple syrup. People with sweet tooth will definitely love this 🙂FullSizeRender 307_Fotor

The last food to arrive was our Steak and Eggs order. Being a meat-lover, seeing that there’s a ‘steak’ on the breakfast menu made my stomach grumble. Honestly, I was expecting a fillet steak. Maybe that’s the difference of having photos on the menu so you can visualize the dish and not just rely on the description. Anyway, not that I am disappointed. This dish was spot-on. You can always put a dash of salt and pepper to suit your palate

Almost the same as Turkey Benedict except that this one has thinly sliced meat.
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I truly enjoyed our meal and I told my husband he should try the place. And our dining became more enjoyable because of the buy-one get-one vouchers. I also know that the restaurant has an all you can eat deal every Friday and Saturday for just 75 dhs. Not bad eh! But maybe the eat all you can offer has limited menu choices but it’s still value for money.

 If you’re working or living in the area, I’m jealous of you 😄IMG_2593_Fotor

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro is located in Swiss Tower, Cluster Y in Jumeirah Lakes Tower. Visit their Facebook page for more info:

Have you tried Fraiche Cafe & Bistro? Did you also enjoy it? Share your thoughts!

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