“Eat lightly at least an hour before you step in for any type of massage. An exaggeratedly full stomach will be painful to lie on”

I know this is one of the basic rules before a full body massage so why the hell we ate first at Noodle Bowl before our treatment?!? Only the food god knows.

Well to be fair to myself I only booked a few hours before our treatment and we have a few hours to kill before our session and the ‘light’ meal turned out to be a full-blown Asian fest. No regret though.

I’ve been researching for a massage place where I can use The Entertainer¬†and stumbled upon Dreamworks Spa.¬†Their rates are reasonable and it has decent reputation.
We know that having a massage here in Dubai is either dubious (think of those massage parlour cards sticked into parked vehicles) or headache-inducing expensive. (more…)

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