Tong Ren Tang Dubai

I told Gibson last week that I have vouchers from Air Miles and we can dine in any of the restaurants in Le Meridien Dubai.
We really enjoyed Yalumba’s Thursday buffet last January so it’s time to revisit them.
But I don’t want this dinner to be our couple’s date for the month of May.
I want our date venue to be different every month.
Note: Yalumba didn’t accept our Air Miles so we use our Entertainer vouchers instead. 

Then I thought why not try an activity together.
We had a massage at Dreamworks Spa in March and we enjoyed it.
So I just need to think of something that Gibson will be willing to try.
Nothing too girly, too expensive, too dangerous and I might be able to convince him.

I remember that our insurance covers alternative medicine which includes acupuncture, ayurvedic and the likes.
Acupuncture is something I always wanted to try but never get the chance to experience.
My dear friend Sheila always had acupuncture therapies when were both working at Tetra Pak but I never asked her how’s the experience.
I think that’s a good thing so I won’t have any pre-judgement.

Tong Ren Tang Dubai

I want to go to a reputable acupuncture clinic. Although for sure, all hospitals and clinics in Dubai are monitored and regulated by Dubai Health Authority, but still…
Tong Ren Tang Dubai fits my criteria.

If it’s good enough for Princess Haya, then it’s good enough for me 🙂

I scheduled our initial session on first day of Ramadan.

A quick Google search says one shouldn’t have heavy meal nor coffee or alcoholic drinks few hours before acupuncture session.
So even though my body is craving for caffeine, I resist. Gibson didn’t care and had a cup. Our session is at 9am.

Upon arrival, the receptionist asked us to complete some forms
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

While waiting for Gibson to complete his form (he’s completing it as if it’s a slum book. Hurry up dear!), I took photos of various medicines available for sale in the clinic.
Tong Ren Tang Dubai
Tong Ren Tang DubaiTong Ren Tang Dubai

There are lots of herbal teas as well.
Tong Ren Tang Dubai
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

After few minutes, Dr. Jane met us.
I like her. She’s pretty, slim and always smiling.
Let’s not forget the fact that she told me I look like 24 years young.

Dr. Jane is the lady on the left.

We were led to the consultation room. The clinic is much bigger than what I expected
Tong Ren Tang Dubai


Gibson and I were ushered to different consultation rooms by Dr. Jane.
She asked me questions about my general health and why I am visiting.

I thought you and your husband wants to get pregnant”, she said. I almost fell of my chair.
“Most couples come here to have a child.” 

No Doctor, please don’t touch my uterus.

Now, the reason I’m in the clinic is out of curiosity.
I am not experiencing any pain whatsoever that day.
Sure I have the usual minor aches here and there  but nothing serious  that requires medical attention.
But I have to say something why I want to do acupuncture, right?

“I have this shoulder pain on my right side from time to time”
“I can’t sleep at night these past few days”
“I had kidney issues when I was younger”

And then I realized I had to say the truth because she might put the needles everywhere and I could be in trouble. 
“Actually, I just want to experience it. I’m thinking more of wellness purpose.

She checked my pulse and started asking questions if I’m experiencing heart burn, that if I’m in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and some spot-on observations just by listening and counting my heartbeat. Amazing. 

After the consultation, I was ushered to the treatment room
Tong Ren Tang Dubai
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

Dr. Jane touched different parts of my back, tummy and head as asking it was painful. Surprisingly, I felt some pain on my right tummy which I haven’t noticed. It was really painful when pressed.

She ended up placing around 20-25 needles on my head, feet, knees and majority on my belly.
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

I didn’t feel the first prick. But the fourth and seventh stings. Afterwards, I learned to relax my muscles and the feeling is like a very light pinch. Not painful at all.
They placed some hot aparatus on top of my belly for maximum effect maybe. Gibson said it was 2 machines for him. One on top of his belly, the other on his knee (He told them he had knee surgery 6 months ago).

I noticed that needle is packed individually and she was opening each in front of me.
At least we are sure that it’s not used before.

After placing all the needles, she gave me a buzzer in case I feel lightheaded or need anything, and then left me alone in the room for around 30 minutes.
I tried to sleep but can’t. Gibson asked if I dozed off during treatment because he did.
WTF! I’m the one who didn’t have a trace of caffeine in my blood yet can’t nap even for a millisecond?!
So drink all the coffee you want!!!

Afterwards, the assistant came and removed all the needles.
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

Dr. Jane met us again and prescribed me with these ‘energy’ medicines
Tong Ren Tang Dubai
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

She asked me to come back around 12 noon that day to meet the senior doctor because she thinks I need more medicine but I didn’t manage to go back.
Tong Ren Tang Dubai

My final thoughts:

I was expecting that I will feel different after one session but no, I was on the same state as when I entered the clinic.

Will I come back? Why not. I like the experience and I would have continued the session if the clinic is near my workplace. But with there 9am-6pm timing, it’s impossible for me.
By the way, if you intend to have proper therapies, you should visit at least 3 times a week.

Gibson had another session yesterday and he plans to continue as his timing is more flexible than me.

Try visiting Tong Ren Tang Dubai and let me know.



Snipped from their website:

About TongRenTang Gulf

TongRenTang was established in Beijing in 1669 by Yue Xianyang who served as a senior physician at the Qing imperial court. His founding belief of integrated medicine puts the human being in focus rather just the illness and this has been our legacy for more than three centuries.

Now nearly 350 years later, TongRenTang Gulf , located in the Healthcare City brings this legacy and belief to Dubai.

The one and only branch in the Middle East, offers traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine to provide an alternative to various diseases such as Eczema, neck and joint pains, diabetic complications , arthritis, gout and infertility amongst others. We also provide rehabilitation care post surgery or stroke. The products we use are 100% herbal and therefore the side-effects are minimal, if any, and the recovery time is fast.

TongRenTang Gulf in Dubai Healthcare City

On October 18th 2011, the Chairperson of the Dubai Healthcare City Authority, HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein wife of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, inaugurated the first TongRenTang Clinic in the region.

About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for short is a 3000 year old traditional Chinese style of medicine that was formed with a unique approach to diagnose and cure illness. In the simplest terms possible, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a way of looking at ourselves and our world that sees everything as a whole and considers everything in this context. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this perspective is called “taking whole.”

This perspective is applied to everything affecting our health and wellbeing; from our diet, exercise, and how we handle stress; to how we interact with our family and friends, our community, and our environment.

Thus Traditional Chinese Medicine not only identifies and treats illness and prevents disease but, just as importantly, optimizes health, wellbeing, and sustainability in our lives and in our world.

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