2016 Reflection ala Mulan

15 days to go and we will say our last hoorah for 2016. Where did the fricking days go?

Not so long ago, my heart and mind were filled with worries.
I’m scared that I am not living my life well. That I’m not giving my kids enough attention. Or I need to spend more time with my mom and parents-in-law. That I am wasting life doing something that doesn’t really matter in the end.
Am I working too hard or working too little (though I read that no dying person regret that they work less).

Whenever I stare at the mirror, I ask myself “Will I really regret not applying sunscreen everyday?” or “How come it’s difficult to lose that extra 5 kgs even after giving up rice?”.
Very profound questions in life…

2015 is the year of realization and changes for me.
I quit my previous job after 6 years.
Started my blog.
I just faced head-on the things that bothers me both personally and professionally.
Contemplated on what I really want in life and tried to manifest that life.

2016 is the year where I made things happen.
I stopped worrying about the future because I will make my own future.
Enough with “what if’s”. The fact that we can think of it means we can do it.
And now more than ever I can sense God’s guidance and blessing.
I’m not afraid anymore and I know that my determination, positivity and vision will yield great result.

I know because I trust Him.

If there’s one thing that I am able to harness this 2016 is my deep gratitude of everything. As in everything.
I have this small stone inside my bag and I bring it with me everywhere.
Gratitude Stone

This stone reminds me to be thankful EVERYTIME. Whenever I rummage inside my bag looking for my lipgloss I will feel the cold stone on my hand and then be reminded to say Thank you.
And I really let the feeling of gratitude consume me for a few seconds. And then I continue with whatever I’m doing.

Try it, it’s a good practice. It could be any object of your choice. A picture, a rosary, a miniature angel, a ball.
Just put that ‘symbol’ in a place where you can see it often. And whenever you see it, hold it for a few seconds and simultaneously thank the One Being you believe in for everything that you have. For being alive, reaching the office on-time, your boss not screaming at you even when you’re late, for lunch, for not crying in front of everyone when you were told that your presentation is not good enough, for health, for reaching home, for the hug. For EVERYTHING!

Dear God,

Thank you for my mom and her good health. Thank you that she was able to celebrate New Year 2016 with us.
New Year

Thank you that my kids are healthy.
Happy kids

Thank you for my husband and for our 10 years of being married.
10 years

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Europe with family and friends.
Filipino Mafia in Europe

It’s so easy to focus on the bad things that happened or the things that didn’t happen.
But have you thought of all the good and great events in your life? Think about that.

List down all the good things that happen to you this year. You can browse your Facebook and Instagram to help you remember. As you write them, say thank you. Feel the gratitude.
It’s a very powerful feeling. You might be teary eyed in fact and it’s ok. Let your emotions overtake.
Let the Super Being knows that your heart is filled with gratitude.

2017 is Year of Surprises and the good kind. YOU will be blessed.
Just focus on what you want, believe that YOU DESERVE IT, and continue working smart.
And these overflowing peacefulness, abundance, health and love will be yours in 2017.
Let’s all claim it!

Love Love Love to you all! xoxo

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