Dear fellow OFWs, just go for it!

Being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) has its perks. You get to experience other nationalities’ cultures, you get paid more, you get to experience things that seems to be unthinkable before but reachable now. Most important thing is the opportunity to provide better life for our family.

But comes with these benefits is the reality that it can be lonely. Being away with our children, partner, parents and siblings becomes a sad norm. Missing special occasions and important moments has been inevitable.
And the harsh truth of being an OFW in Middle East countries is time will come that we will need to leave our host country no matter how much we love it.  The benefits of a citizen can never be given to us.
We will forever be an expat to our host country.

And that is why we always need to plan. Think of what we want to achieve financially and take action.
We wouldn’t want to go back home with just our tattered backpack.

Avoid having debts. If you are in that bad situation, have an action plan to get out of it.
Start saving. No matter how small the amount is, save something monthly and make it a habit.
Imagine the life you would like to live. Be positive and have faith.

Having a dream is the first step on getting what you want.

Since I got to know the term Financial Freedom, I have aspired to achieve it by age 40 (I’m 36 now).
And you know that I am an advocate of manifestation and imagining the life you want to live.
I am a very positive person and have so much trust in Him.

I don’t have bad association with money. For me it’s just a tool.
It’s neither good or bad.
How we create money and use it is the reflection of our character.
With or without money, we are who we are.

On my post last April talking about how long do you intend to stay in Dubai, I talked about my desire of opening a salon. My dream is to set it up here.
That time I have no idea whatsoever on how I can make it happen.
I don’t have enough capital to set it up in Dubai. I am not willing to resign to handle it personally.
I just want financial freedom so badly but have no idea really how to achieve it.

Then my sister, Jholen, went home for good in June after 10 years of working in UAE.
She just wants to be with her son. I didn’t question her. For me, family is far more important than anything else.

After a few months, an idea occurred to me. It’s an AHA! moment.
Why don’t I open a nail salon in our area and let my sister help me.
She knows what I want. I know her capabilities. And the most important thing, I trust her fully.
I can tell her things and she can tell me things without judgement and not end up hating each other.

As soon as I woke up, I told Jholen my business plan and I’m glad she said yes to our partnership! She didn’t even get surprised on how fast I decided on things. She knows me.

From the time I had the business idea until now that the salon construction is going on, I’m still fascinated how everything transpire.

I decided what I want.
I believe it will happen.
And all my actions and decisions, together with things I cannot control, led to the very thing I want.

I’ll be honest with you. There are times I am thinking “Am I really ready for this?”.
“Is this really what I want to do?”.
But following my gut instinct, I know this is the path I need to take.
And I am very excited.

2015 is my year of realization.
2016 is when I made plans.
And 2017 is the year I will make it happen.

Friends, without further ado, let me announce the first of the many branches of our nail salon – SLIAN NAILS!!!


Our first branch will open in Valenzuela City in February 2017. I promise to share with you the full story on how I set it up and everything about it in coming months.

Nothing is impossible as long as you believe. Dreams do come true. Remember that. xoxo

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