I want to create a community

Do you feel like talking to someone about money and success and business and wealth without being judged? You know, just share with him/her your thoughts and they would just listen and advise if required. Or you will talk about money and success and how to get lots of them and they won’t judge you as greedy?

A community of like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations and goals, who dreams of the same things and want to just get-together to talk and be inspired. We will share our achievements and everybody will be genuinely happy. Sure, maybe we will feel a little jealous but we will use that jealousy as fire to create own own success.

No crab-mentality, no pulling each other down, no bitching. Just plain brotherhood/sisterhood with one goal in mind – being successful in our own personal definition.

I want to create that community. I know it’s not for everyone as not everybody will want the same things that we do. Being financially aware is a state-of-mind that either you are currently in or not. It would be nice to be with people who dreams (or probably already achieved) financial independence. As I said on my previous post, entrepreneurship is kind of a lonely journey. But I realized it doesn’t have to be. We can actively find a mentor or join a community. It’s our task to find the right people we are comfortable with.

Are you up to it? We don’t need to meet up personally (although that would be a good idea). We can build a private Facebook page and just share our experiences, goals and give advice to each other on how to be freaking wealthy and yet still grounded, fabulous, simple, beautiful, giving – whatever kind of rich you want to be.

Do you know that I bought a domain in 2015? It’s called firstmillionclub.com. I haven’t activated it yet because I don’t want to start something that I won’t be able to maintain. From the website name, it’s obvious what it’s all about, right? I want to build a community of people who aspires their first million in whatever currency.

When I bought that domain, I intend to post articles on how to pay off debts, how to save money, how to invest. Apart from practical things, I want to share some manifestation exercises that I do to maintain my positive and abundant mindset.
And since it’s a community, I want everyone to share their experiences as well. Their saving tips, financials things that they did wrong, financial advise, and so on.

If you’re up to it, drop me a message at lyn(at)filipinaexpat(dot)com or PM me on my Facebook page or leave  a comment below. If you want to ask me detailed info on how I set-up my nail salon, I am more than happy to share it with the community. It could be just you and me in our group but who knows, we can be a tribe someday.

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