TOTGA – The One That Got Away

A letter from Aga Muchlach to Lea Salonga has resurfaced in the internet last month and it was so “kilig”. 

It’s definitely a love letter that is so sweet yet bittersweet at the same time. Aga penned this letter four years ago when he was asked to write something for Lea’s book titled  “Playlist — A Celebration of 35 Years.”

The first line struck me – “Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew.”
So bittersweet.

And it made me thinking, have I met a guy that I can consider to be my TOTGA?

So I went down memory lane last night while driving home from work. I recounted my earliest crush in high school and my not-so-many boyfriends along the way.

And honestly, I don’t think I met anyone that I regret not ending up with.
Not that the boys I met are all bad, it’s just that they are only boys that time.
Probably immature and haven’t reached their whole manly potential.

I might have met all of them on their ‘bad and immature’ self before.
And since I will never know if they changed, I’m just glad now that I didn’t end up with them.

On the other side of fence, have I been TOTGA to anyone?

I mean, look at me now – beautiful, successful, fun, a totally great catch! LOL!

Lea is lucky that Aga has been honest and mature enough to admit it and share it with the world.
Ang haba ng hair nya!
Not everyone will openly admit that they let someone got away.

I’m not sure how Charlene feels now. Reading your husband announcing to the whole world that Lea is the one that got away from his life might probably painful.
If I’m in her shoe, that pronouncement will sting.

But who knows, maybe Charlene is very much aware of this. The fact that this was written only 4 years ago means that Charlene is definitely in Aga’s life then. She could have helped Aga wrote it.

Do you have any TOTGA in your life or have anyone told you that you are their TOTGA? Share please. I want to be kilig 🙂

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  1. Zen says:

    I actually wrote something about this, and suprisingly it was inspired by the letter written by Aga to Lea.

    You can check my blog site.

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