The struggle is real!

You might have seen on my social media posts that I am trying to lose some weight because A.) we are going on vacation by end of June and I want to lose a LOT of weight so I can eat anything I want back home. That way, I won’t return to Dubai looking like a pregnant whale (no offense to all the whales) and B.) fambam had ‘staycation’ in two hotels in Dubai and I want to wear a proper swimsuit (bikini and all) without being so conscious of my bulging tummy.

Ok, to start, I am genetically thin (thanks to my parents) and my only problem area are my tummy and chin, I don’t have that protruding chin. Ok, I can’t do anything about my chin unless I go into some kind of procedure so I won’t bother but my bulging belly is something that I can control.

I have done so many food portion diet over the years especially if I want to lose weight fast. I can hear now the nutrition experts lecturing about the negative effects of extreme dieting, drastic weight loss, that instead of losing weight we should actually focus on healthy living, etc. etc. And I totally agree with them but since I don’t have time to wait for my ‘healthy eating’ kicks in and I need to wear that bikini soon, a girl needs to do what she needs to do and extreme diet it is! Don’t judge.

So, as I said I am used to not eat before. Like I can survive by just having water and soups for days. Some call it detox but I will truthfully call it as starvation diet because you will definitely starve, right!? The problem with this kind of diet is I’m always scared that my teeth will fall off or my bones will start breaking because of lack of nutrients. Although I can train my brain not to get hungry (I have a very powerful self-control), I’m still concerned about my long-term health so I would only do this for like a week and then gradually start eating solid food.

Anyways, so the past few months were filled with eating out and bounty food fest. I didn’t think about controlling my food portion nor the item I’m putting into my mouth. As long as it’s food, I’ll devour it. I love food as much as I love my husband (please don’t tell Gibson about it). Besides, I am only young once but I promise myself I will stop eating all these crab, bacon, lechon, liempo and all the sinful stuff by age of 40 but in the meantime, let me enjoy. So those chips and cakes and calorie-rich food slowly made their way inside my body, specifically rested in my belly area. They camped out there!

The struggle is real!The struggle is real!








But as soon as I booked those hotel rooms, I realized I have to do something fast! And then Nutridiet sent me some of their stuff to try. Well, there’s nothing to lose. I am anyways dead set on losing weight. And let me clarify, Nutridiet is not something that you drink and then you will lose weight. NO. This is a meal replacement. Instead of eating proper breakfast, lunch or dinner, you take the shake or the soup. That’s it. This is not a miracle drink.

The struggle is real!

Your determination to lose weight is still in your hands. Bummer right? Why can’t we eat anything we want without guilt and just take a miracle pill and voila! You are 20 pounds lighter. But there is no such thing, if you know such medicine, buzz me and I will start saving for it.

So for like 8 days, I will have coffee and Nutridiet shake in the morning, then have Nutridiet soup and munch on vegetable sticks during lunch and have proper dinner although just ¼ of my usual capacity because because I can eat up to 3 cups of rice in a good day (sample dinner meal: 1/2 cup rice, maybe half of tilapia fish and small portion of vegetables). Some might say I should eat breakfast instead of dinner but heck, this is my plan. You know in the Philippines they said that if you go to sleep hungry, your spirit will roam around the kitchen. I don’t want that to happen. What if my spirit doesn’t come back, I will then become still (getz?! LOL!)

I think I turned into a rabbit eating these veg sticks.The struggle is real!

The struggle is real!
The struggle is real!

After 8 days of doing this, I was finally able to wear my swimsuit without being embarrassed.

Of course I have to share these photos because I deserve it!  Haha!

The struggle is real!

Do you agree that age makes you gain more confidence? I should have worn those skimpy bikinis when I was much younger and had an FHM-body to match. Well, better late than never.The struggle is real!

I am still on a low-calorie diet and plan to do this until end of June. Unlike before when I would extend my starvation diet on weekends, this time I am more relaxed. So in case you’ll see me on a Sunday, expect that I look bloated with everything I stuffed inside my face over the weekend  and if we see each other after my holidays, just keep quiet. I know I gained weight, no need to tell me.

Disclaimer: I don’t advocate unhealthy eating and I’m not at all claim to be a role model. Whatever size you are, as long as you are comfortable with it, go!

Have a good day/evening everyone! 🙂

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