Saturday’s 10 Happy Things // 2

Saturday’s 10 Happy Things

Always practice gratitude. Be thankful every day. For grand and simple things. For work, life, safety, food and family. For the sun, rain, penny in your pocket, and for a good hair day. Even when things are not going as planned, still be grateful. Here is when I/we share the things that let us appreciate the past week and let us welcome the coming week with a fresh and happy attitude! 

How can I post something talking about Saturdays when it’s already Sunday? Well, better late than never, right? This is my way of writing something when I really don’t feel like writing anything.

1. Loving that my mom is in Dubai and making this lugaw (congee) for me… Love you mommy!IMG_3651_Fotor

2. The little princess was begging me to go swimming. With the cold weather, I don’t think it’s a good idea so I thought of an alternative. Wearing their swimming gears, complete with google and their favorite toys, I filled the tub with warm water and let them soak until they’re little fingers look like bitter gourd with all that wrinkles. Satisfied mommy and kids!IMG_3632_Fotor

3. Organized our company’s year end party at Zengo in Le Royal Meridien. Everyone’s stayed late ’til restaurant’s closing so I guess that’s a good sign that my colleague’s enjoyed. Success!

 This is an obligatory shot on their washroom. Can you spot me?

4. Me trying to be healthy. Good thing that Deli Dubai comes to our office everyday during lunch to serve delish salads and sandwiches. They do delivery.


5. Because I heard they are relaxing and therapeutic, this adult coloring book has stunning images inspired by traditional henna. Buy it from Amazon.

6. Time and again, my great photography skills has been proved. Yes! My two kids are there somewhere. Promise! Taken at Deira City Centre.IMG_3645_Fotor

7. Adventureland dayout with the kiddos. Cole is turning to be too tall for these kind of rides. Don’t grow too fast my baby boy.IMG_3637_Fotor

8. Awww! I love you too! Just perfect for Christmas! Another Amazon collection.

9. As I posted on my social media feed, never feel guilty for buying things for yourself. Ladies, you are working hard as much (if not more) as your man. You deserve it! IMG_3643_Fotor


10. I bought this Olay Pro X Microdermabrasion and Cleansing Kit with the hopes that my recurring skin issue will clear up. Let me try it for a few more weeks and I’ll blog my review soon.

Saturday’s 10 Happy Things

Think of the things that made you happy this week. Be grateful. If you’re a fellow blogger, share them with us by leaving a link to your entry! 

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