Pai Thai – Madinat Jumeirah

Pai Thai – Madinat Jumeirah

Gibson’s boss is in town for several business meetings and he’s very nice to extend his team’s dinner invitation to me. I thought it’s a good idea to finally meet him as well as to catch-up with Katrina, Gibson’s other colleague. 

Kat made a reservation at Pai Thai in Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah last night. Al Qasr hotel itself is very grand and beautiful. You’ll find a staff almost at every corner of the hotel. All are helpful to answer your questions and more than willing to take your photos 🙂 I would love to stay at Al Qasr one day and just take thousands of beautiful pictures. 

Pai Thai is a romantic Thai restaurant that is hidden along the hotel’s waterways and can be accessed either by riding a buggy, walking or taking an abra from the hotel to the restaurant. I highly recommend taking the abra as it adds up to your amazing experience. But since I arrived quite early last night, an abra ride alone by myself didn’t seem to be a fun idea so I requested for buggy instead which was not bad at all. The restaurant is just a few metres away from the hotel and you can easily appreciate the scenery.

 This is the entrance to the restaurant if you decide to take a walk or buggy.Pai Thai

Which will then open to this beautifully ornate lounge that serves as their waiting area.Pai ThaiFullSizeRender 177

If you are taking the abra, this would be your view after dockingPai Thai

I’ve been at this restaurant several times but it’s my first time to dine inside. I love how opulent the interior decoration is.Pai Thai

Since I’m early, or rather Gibson and the gang were late which was fine by me, I took that chance to take photos outside as the sun was setting.

 Isn’t it magical? Pai Thai

If weather permits, I would love to eat alfresco and have this beautiful view while sipping a cold margarita.Pai Thai

This is their outdoor lounge area.Pai Thai

As much as I want that cold margarita, I needed to pass since I’m driving home. I just browsed through their mocktails and settled with Chao Phraya – which is a combination of mango juice, pineapple juice, strawberries and passion fruit.Pai Thai

While waiting for my dinner dates, the staff might have sensed my hunger 🙂 They served me with prawn crackers which I happily munched while taking more photos. Yum!Pai Thai

I’m sorry for the grainy pictures. It’s low light and I’m just using my phone last night. I also wasn’t planning of posting the menu list as it’s quite extensive but you might be expecting this from me so here’s a few pages from their menu book. I promised to take better photos next time.Pai ThaiPai ThaiPai ThaiPai Thai

For appetizer, we shared the Khong Wang Ruam Pai Thai or Pai Thai Starter Sampler. It has prawn cakes, chicken sate, sun dried beef, vegetable spring roll and sweet chicken dumpling.Pai Thai

I love them all especially the prawn cake, chicken sate, and spring roll. Note: We requested for a platter good for 3 people, otherwise the serving is good for two.

The Tom Yam soup with Prawns was also good for 2 persons – Gibson and I shared. The addition of oyster mushroom makes it yummier and filler than most Tom Yam I’ve tried.

This is my Tom Yam bowlPai Thai

It’s funny how me, Gibs and Kat all ordered stir-fried dishes with just different main items. I chose Talay Phad Nam Prik Pao which has prawns, scallop, calamari, chili paste, spring onion and Thai Basil.Pai Thai

I didn’t took photos of their order as they look the same stir-fry dishes to me (although completely different in taste, mind you). Gibson ordered the wok fried crab tempura which I had a taste and it was heavenly. Kat ordered a chicken dish called Gai Phad Med Ma Muang which she shared with me. It’s sweeter than my stir fry but nonetheless delicious.

Tip: If you’re having soup and appetizer, I suggest go easy on the mains. Most servings are good for two.

One Filipino staff was serving steamed rice placed on a basket. It adds authenticity to the great atmosphere.Pai Thai

This restaurant is perfect for those special occasions. It’s romantic, quiet, focuses on food and conversations. Did I tell you how excellent their service was? It was impeccable and they’re very attentive. Everyone just made me so comfortable and I felt like a princess waiting for her prince charming 🙂 which was really the case ‘coz Gibson was late remember? Hehe.

Here’s the dinner gang. Note to self: BRING.YOUR.CAMERA.EVERYTIME.
Pai Thai

Prior reservation is required. Call Madinat Jumeirah’s restaurant reservation at +971 4 366 5866. Visit their website here. Note that they serve dinner only.





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