It’s all about the mindset

I’ve been following Peso Sense’s Facebook page for a few months now.

And I find the comments very amusing. You get to know how most Filipinos think about money.

Today, there’s a post about their First Million Challenge, read on…

And the comments poured in.
“Yeah right! You are earning more than 100k that’s why you were able to save that much”
“If I’m earning like that, I would be a millionaire in less less than a year!”
“He’s showing off…”
“He is probably from a rich family”

Then another post came out. Again, the sender shares his/her story of how his/her partner were able to save their first million.

I thought it’s very inspiring.
They’re young but already know the importance of savings and can delay their gratification for their goals.

And then I read the comments. Now I know why most people will never have their first million.
“Their salary is high. How can you save with just 10k take-home pay?”
“They don’t have kids that’s why they can save.”
“They don’t have obligations to their parents that’s why!”
“I would rather have no savings than not give to my parents”

Instead of getting inspired by the post, majority of the commenters have their reasons on why it’s not possible for them to have a million.

  • Coming from a poor family
  • Family obligations
  • Low salary
  • High expenses because of kids, house rent, etc

And the funny thing is they have judged the story senders of not sharing their blessings and plain braggarts just by reading these short snippets of their financial achievement.

It made me wonder why majority of the commenters think that having a million is something out of reach?

If you think it’s impossible, then it is impossible.

And your reasons will become your reality. If you think it’s impossible to save for whatever reason, then of course you will never manage to save.
Low-earners will say that it’s difficult to save with their meager salary. High-earners will say it’s impossible to save because of their obligations.
Their thoughts become their reality.

But what if you tell yourself  – Yes, it’s possible!

Oh! Then your chances of getting that 1 Million has increased by more than 50%. Congratulations!!!
Believing that you can do it is the first step. Believing that it is possible paves way for you to achieve your goal.

I truly believe that opportunities come to those who aspires more. If you are an OFW, the reason why you are in your host country is because you open yourself to that opportunity of working abroad.
You wanted it that’s why you achieve it.

Buying that condominium was possible because you wanted it.
You made it happen.

Your kids studying in a private school is your choice.

Everything you have right know is your own choice. You let it happen.

You can take that line positively or negatively, the choice is yours. But that’s the truth.


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