Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

Yes, it’s me, your older and wiser self. There’s lot of things going on with your life right now and I thought I can enlighten you a bit.
I know you’re having fun which is great. Clean fun is good.
I also know that you cry sometimes because of heartaches, that will pass.
Most of the time you’re not taking care of yourself  because who takes care of oneself when you feel like indestructible. But dear, you’re not.

Let me tell you some things…

Love your parents and show them how much you love them.

I know they are irritating sometimes. They don’t understand and why can’t they just let you live your life the way you want it to be. But can you trust me that one day you will be grateful that they are your parents? Thank goodness they’re strict because who knows how you turn out if they weren’t . One day you’ll wake up missing your mom, especially your dad. And how you wish that dad is still around to talk to.
I know you’re a good daughter (mom says that often) but be the best daughter to your parents.


Enjoy all the food in the world while you’re young because once you reach the big 3-0, your metabolism will change.

No, it’s not that you’ll get fat. It’s more of having some love handles which you never experienced before and never thought you will. I know it’s difficult to comprehend because you’re stick thin right? You drown yourself with gallons of water every morning just to get bloated, so that your hips won’t look like skeleton. But so sad to tell you that your body will change and you’ll start to diet. And what in the world is diet? I know, you never had to deal with that before but unfortunately the time will come that you’ll have to be mindful of what you’re stuffing inside your mouth.  You will forget the chemical elements of the periodic table but not that 1 cup of white rice is equivalent to 220 calories.
And you’re very conscious of wearing a swimsuit right? Believe me girl, wear that freaking bikini NOW! How ironic that you think you’re too thin to wear one when in fact you’re body is just fab! And here I am now wishing I can wear one without going some rigorous health plan 1 month before I unveil my body to the public.How sad!


It might seem that it’s the end of the world with that heart ache you are experiencing right now but believe me, you’ll pass that stage.

You will just laugh at your stupidity and will feel embarrass on the things you’ve done and said because of what you thought was love. Well, maybe it’s love but it’s a wasted love nonetheless. Relationship shouldn’t be hard. You shouldn’t be ‘fighting’ to save the relationship. Don’t waste your youthful years in a wrong relationships. You’re a bright girl. You know it’s not worth it so just move on. Those heartaches will be your best experience so just cry now but pick up the pieces soon after. You’re never damaged.
Soon, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t end up with the wrong guys because the perfect one is just waiting for you, I promise.
Patience my dear. Patience.

Take care of your skin and your teeth

I know you’re brushing your teeth everyday but you’re not brushing it well. Now I have a missing tooth and I need to put some crown which is so damn expensive and it’s all your fault. Because of that missing tooth, I  have gaps between my teeth and need to wear braces to fix it. I am freaking 36 years old and I don’t want to wear braces!!! But I feel I don’t have a choice. Again, it’s all your fault. I hate you.

And why are you not applying lotion? It’s icky? Well my friend, just to let you know that skin aging is real.
Fine lines, dry skin, wrinkles and brown spots are all too real. I’m trying my best to resolve the issue but if only you started earlier, I could have much flawless skin now. So girl, I don’t care how lazy you are, give yourself a favor and use some lotion please.

Just stay cool, practical and sensible.

These things will help you survive the issues and drama of life. Just avoid conflicts and negative people. Always look at positive side of things. Just continue whatever you are doing. You are on the right mindset.


Overall, I think you’ll grow up fine. Your experiences will shape and groom you to a better and wiser you. Don’t be afraid to be different, continue loving life and just stay happy and positive. You’re on the right track.

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