Breakfast at Little Bangkok

Breakfast at Little Bangkok

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By now you might have noticed my love affair with Thai cuisine. Being a foodie, I eat anything and I don’t say no to food unless I’ve tried it. I love Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, and Iranian. I also enjoyed some of the Egyptian, Greek, Turkish and Pakistani dishes I’ve tried. But of course, being Asian, I particularly partial to Asian cuisine. I dream of going to Japan just to eat fresh sushi and a bowl of ramen. I would love to visit Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to try their famous dishes. And if I’ll be given a chance to visit Thailand, I think I need to starve myself for a week before travel to prepare my tummy for my planned food binge.

When my social media feeds showed several yummy photos of Little Bangkok’s unlimited breakfast offer for only 59 dhs, I made a mental note to try it. They started the breakfast offer this month and it’s only available on their Sheikh Zayed Road branch near Emirates Tower metro station. Breakfast is from 8 am ’til 12 noon.

Last Wednesday, when my company, very generously, gave us an extra Eid holiday, I knew that I will be able to tick-off most things on my to-do list. Yes, aside from paying bills and visiting banks, trying-out new restaurants and dishes are on my to-do tasks. 🙂 So before I started my long day, I decided to treat myself to a hearty breakfast at Little Bangkok.

I came around 10 am, I noticed that there’s free valet parking for Little Bangkok customers which is a very good thing. I’m a frequent diner of Little Bangkok’s branch in Business Central Tower and it’s my first time to visit this branch. Although they have the same vibe, this branch is brighter which I love. IMG_2292 2_Fotor

The breakfast menu was waiting for me.IMG_2284_Fotor

I started with a cup of cappuccino and a glass of fresh orange juice. You can also have latte and hot tea.

I think I’ve mentioned this on my previous posts that my ultimate comfort food is congee or lugaw. I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 24/7 and I won’t get tired of it. Maybe because we have a small eatery before and lugaw was our best seller. I always eat a bowl or two in the morning and afternoon, everyday. In Little Bangkok, you have a choice between prawns or minced chicken ball.

I told my sister who’s also a congee addict like me that it tastes like our ‘carinderia lugaw‘. I had two bowls of this piping hot congee and if only I wasn’t alone, I could have three. But I’m quite shy to tell the lady for another bowl 😂. But I regret it now looking at this photos.IMG_2294_Fotor

I also requested for an order of siomai and dumplings. You can keep on ordering as soon as you’re satisfied and full. Isn’t it value for money?IMG_2303_Fotor

I remember that Filipinos have this fried bread version. The only difference is we roll our fried bread in white sugar (I think it’s our version of donut) and theirs are dipped in condensed milk. Lovely!

I also requested for steamed bun with either a choice of barbeque or minced chicken. I had barbeque but I guess I’ll try the chicken next time.IMG_2300_Fotor

Since I’m alone, I have to really choose my order wisely. There’s no one to help me finish my food and I don’t like left-overs. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Khai Katha which is a choice between sunny side up egg or omelette with chicken, mushroom, green peas and carrots. I knew I won’t be able to finish it. There’s always a next time, anyways.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my Thai breakfast. And for 59 dhs, it’s truly value for money.

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Have you tried their breakfast? What’s your experience?

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