Thoughts About Blogging

I started blogging in 2005 just to get things out of my mind.
I’m quite depressed that time and I need to divert my attention to something.

Blogging become some kind of therapy.

After a few months, I started receiving invites to attend events.
To be honest, it’s exciting.
But 9 out of 10 times I will need to decline as these events don’t interest me or the timings are in conflict with my schedule.
I also don’t attend events during weekdays.

From time to time, I feel pangs of jealousy on other bloggers who receive payment for their collaboration.
I don’t get anything from blogging. In fact I actually spend yearly for my domain.

But then, whenever I have these thoughts I remind myself the reason why I started in the first place.
First and foremost, for my sanity. It’s cheaper to pay an annual fee for my dotcom site than pay for a psychiatrist.
And then this platform becomes like my medium to share what I believe in. You know – positivity, World Vision, financial literacy.
I feel like I am doing something in my life and not just merely existing.

I won’t deny that sometimes I want to have thousands of social media followers (I have less than 300 each on my Instagram and Facebook page).
It likes a validation that people like me.
So I will start researching “How to organically increase followers” and the number one rule is consistency.

One should be consistent on posting. Regular posts together with shareable contents are sure-fire way to gain followers.
But I fail miserable on posting. I don’t feel like sharing what I ate or been up to.
Who cares if I ate some crunchy fried chicken from KFC or I spent a thousand dirhams for a bag?

I can go for months without posting anything and I am fine with it.

But it’s bad if you want to gain followers.

And I will again feel down that I am not being consistent.
But that bad feeling will go away after a few days because I will again remind myself on the reason why I started blogging.

Therapy. Share Positivity. Just have fun.

That’s why lately, most of my posts are personal and I don’t “promote” it on my social media pages.
I feel that it’s too intimate for everyone to see. Ironic right?
Why would I post something in public if I don’t want everyone to read it.
But writing an article and posting it on my blog, again, is like therapy.

My husband can only take so much. He already thinks I’m crazy with my weird thoughts.
I don’t want to bombard him with these sometimes nonsense chitchat.
And I don’t like my mom to think that her eldest child is losing it.

Besides, if I write it here, only those who regularly visit my site can read it.
And you probably can tolerate me. Because you’re as crazy as me 🙂

That’s it. I need to get back to work. Have a good day everyone!



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