Random (and weird) things about me

“Why are you brushing your teeth again?” asked Cole one night when he saw me brushing the second time using a different toothbrush.
Me: “The first toothbrush is to remove the food in between my teeth. The second one is to whiten it.”
Cole: “Weird!”

I am weird. Most of the time.

People outside my circle of trust see me as a quiet, reserved and conservative girl. They will gift me with color peach bags and yellow daisies and will comment that these colors suit my personality.
And it made me wonder.

I don’t consider myself as quiet nor a conservative person.
My office workwear only consist of dark blue, brown, white and black. I am definitely no pastel-colored lady for sure.
So  how come they see me differently than how I see myself?
There is only one reason…

I am a great pretender.

So let me share with you some tidbits about myself. This is a totally narcissist post and I will talk all about me. How fun, right?

  • Yes, I brush my teeth twice every time using 2 different toothbrush. Just because.
  • If worst comes to worst, I use strands of my hair as floss. Gross.
  • I can see supernatural spirits. Seriously.
  • I love kids but only when they are well-behaved and cute.
  • I was 18 when I first I got drunk and passed out. My friends brought me home. My mother almost killed me.
  • I am introvert in nature but I am not shy to perform/host in front of many people. Not that I have talents but I have lots of guts
  • I am the eldest of 6 kids. I am the BOSS.

  • My first relationship lasted 2 weeks. Second one lasted 2 months (because it was summer holidays and we didn’t see each other). The third one for 2 days. Moral lesson of the story: Just have fun when you’re young. Don’t take your boyfriends too seriously.
  • I hate fakes.
  • I love reading. Some people can lounge in the sun whole day, or binge in netflix movies, or shop the entire day. Me? Give me anything to read and I will be contented and happy.
  • I can buy 10 clothes in 10 minutes. I know what I want and I rarely try clothes before purchasing them.
  • Love cooking but not everyday.
  • You know how some moms said they felt a strong motherly love towards their little angel as soon as they laid their eyes on them? I don’t think I had that. Sure I love my son but didn’t have that magical moment with him the day he was born. I was extremely exhausted that I passed out after labor.
  • My first job was a telephone directory operator at PLDT. I lasted 3 months.
  • I was once a college teacher but my students are more mature than me.

  • I’m never shy to admit that I’m a tourist more than a traveler. What’s wrong with that?
  • I’m a feminist. Never tell me that women can’t do somethings just because they are a lady. Unless it’s biologically impossible, men and women are equal.
  • My goal is to empower all women that they can do great things if they put their mind into it. Aim high.
  • I am proud to be a Filipino (obvious ba Filipina Expat?). Taas Noo Filipino!

I think that’s it for now. I know you had enough.

Have a good day peeps!

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