My other blog

My other blog

I actually have another blog, which is where I am writing my thoughts about personal finance, savings, positivity, and everything else in between. I created this blog with the intention of just writing anything that I can think of. KSP lang. But then, when I’ve noticed that people are actually reading it, I realized that they might have found some sense on what I am writing and I could be of help to them. But I still want to talk about my travels, my food adventures, and my kids. So what can I do? The solution – create another blog and that’s how Filipina Expat was born.

I have just recently wrote something on my other blog, how not to extend your expat life and it’s useful for us who is working overseas with the intention of going back home in the near future. Being a Filipina Expat in Dubai for more than 10 years, I have seen quite a number of people who went back to their home countries achieving only half of what they have dreamed of when they first moved here. Worst, not achieving it at all because of bad money or personal habits. It’s heart breaking to hear parents wishing to celebrate special occasions with their children back home. How I wish they can reach their goals faster so they won’t need to be separated with their loved-ones. But it’s never too late. In life, everything is possible if you only Believe.

Wow, heavy! You know I think I have dual personality. Like I can be funny and crazy one minute then serious and intellectual in just a snap. Well that’s why I have two blogs, to satisfy both my personalities.

Go ahead and read my friends. You might find something interesting there. And if you want to receive my latest posts, go and subscribe. Enter your e-mail address on the upper right hand side. You can do it on both my websites. Have a good day peeps!

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