The Aldub Fever

The Albub Fever

Ok, before you hail me as the president of Aldub fan club in the UAE, I’ll be honest. I only watch the Kalyeserye episodes every Saturday (and even sometimes miss it) because A.) I don’t have the time and B.) I feel that the interesting episodes only happen during Saturdays. Of course I might be wrong but I think there’s majority of fans who falls under the same category.

I was able to watch the first time Yaya Dub saw Alden. It’s not scripted and her reaction was too cute. It seems that she has real-life crush on Alden. That day, she was doing her Dubsmash routine when she saw Alden via split screen and breaks out of her non-smiling character. Yiiihhh! 👫

From then I watched the episodes everyday until their first weeksary.  After that life became too busy and I will only watch every Saturday. I usually wait for Eat Bulaga’s Facebook page to post the episodes. I know how it feels to check EB’s Facebook page everytime to see if there’s an update. LOL.😂

I also watched the first time they saw each other eye to eye but a plywood wall fell between them

And then there was the abduction episode. I think I watched it thrice, haha! It’s just so ‘kilig‘ especially when their blindfolds were removed and they saw each other again. I can still remember Yaya Dub and Alden’s smile 😍

Last Saturday, they make history by having 12.1 million tweets for their hashtag #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate in a span of 24 hours. Wow! Just wow! I remember I found a link that finally shows the full episode Saturday night. It’s already our bedtime but being it’s the most awaited date, I cannot delay watching it the following day. So while doing my nightly routine (toothbrush, night cream application, flossing, the works..), I had to bring the laptop inside the bathroom and watch.

I was smiling all the time, I was giggling whenever Yaya and the lolas danced. I almost screamed when they saw each other. My ever understanding husband just closed the bathroom door and didn’t utter a word. AlDub-First-date-600x397

I’m the only one in our family who’s interested in Aldub. One of my sisters once tried to see the episodes but can’t understand what the buzz is all about which I understand. The same way that I understand why some people hate Aldub and consider it ‘corny’ and scripted.

The reason I watch Aldub is because they make me smile. After a long day at work, the commuting stress, and everyday drama in life, there’s this show which doesn’t have an antagonist, no heavy drama, no murderous plot. It’s just pure fun and positive vibe. If watching Pastills girl bring this positive vibe to you, then good for you. I usually stop reading comments once bashing starts. I really don’t get it why fans need to fight.

And I guess Aldub appeals not only to masa. Just reading the tweets and articles about Yaya Dub and Alden prove that even middle class watches them. Well, love knows no boundaries. choz!

The tres lolas are funny.aldub-date

Maine is so natural and not at all ‘pabebe’.

And Alden, oh Alden, is as cute as a button. 🙂

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