25 Inexpensive places to visit in Dubai (Part 2)

This is a continuation of 25 Inexpensive places to visit in Dubai. Click here for Part 1.

13. Gold Souq

Gold souq
y mom smiling from ear to ear, she’s in heaven!

Dubai is not called the City of Gold for nothing. I bet you haven’t seen hundreds of stores selling dizzying amount of gold in one area. Gold is cheap if you know how to haggle and even if you don’t want to purchase anything you might still want to visit just to try the traditional souq experience.

Parking is a challenge so better take a cab and pushy vendors are everywhere so just say a polite “No Thanks” and you should be fine.

14. Dubai Museum – Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai Museum
creen grab from Dubai Culture

With Dubai’s new skyscrapers popping up everywhere, it’s refreshing to visit this part of town and learn how it was before the country grows to what it is today. Opened in 1971 to the public, you will have a glimpse of traditional Emirati life with artifacts and dioramas showing their musical instruments, weaponry, and life-sized models of people and animals describing how the older time of Emiratis and how they lived.

It’s a good 1 hour to spend. Ticket costs 1 dhs and the museum is air-conditioned which is plus.

15. Jumeirah mosque

Jumeirah Mosque
hoto credit to the owner

Jumeirah mosque is located in Jumeirah 1, opposite the Jumeirah open beach and Palm Strip Shopping Centre. Non-muslims can visit this mosque by joining a guided tour. Although if you don’t want to go in, the exterior mosque can be viewed and photographed without any issues. Just avoid doing it during prayer times to respect our Muslim friends. If you want the perfect shot, visit just before sunrise and evening just before the sunset.

16. Metro train 

hoto credit to the owner. Expect crowd if your planning to embark during rush hour. Don’t expect this serenity!

Metro train is an economical and efficient public transport system in Dubai and you can easily do mall hopping by using metro.  Metro stations are just walking distance from Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, IBN Batuta Mall, Burjuman and Deira City Centre. Although I have used the metro several times now, I still need to experience transferring from one line to another and try the ‘metro tour’.

Trains run from 6am to 11pm, Saturday to Thursday and from 2pm to midnight on Fridays. There are various ticket options and can buy single, daily and monthly passes depending on your need. You can purchase the tickets at the stations.

Just a warning: drinking and eating are strictly prohibited inside the metro. Avoid chewing gums and candy as you might be fined for doing so.

17. Dubai Festival City


Another mall to visit but still interesting nonetheless. I frequently visit this place as its like a one-stop shop for me and less crowded. It has Hyper Panda (hypermarket), IKEA, ACE hardware nearby, Plug-ins (electronic store) and this is where you can find the popular Trader ’s Vic Restaurant and Hard Rock Cafe.During winter, it’s nice to visit the open-space promenade area on the other side of the mall where you can just soak in the ambiance of the place.

Note: DFC is currently under renovation so might be disappointing for tourists looking for ‘fun’.

18. Satwa Road

It is one of the oldest neighborhood in the city. It might not be a pretty ‘hood but this will have a soft spot in my heart as this is where we stayed for a few years before we moved to our current residence. My husband and I even drive here from time to time just to reminisce. Yes, drama!

If you want a real taste of Dubai, go to Satwa and go through old shops that sell everything imaginable (golds, fabric, souvenirs, plants) aside from the fact you will find interesting eateries in this district. This is where the famous Ravi is!

This place is not for elite crowd  but for some real cheap treats, and the vibe of course!

19. Karama market


They said that you’ll find a lot of rubbish here but once in a while you might be lucky to discover a gem! But be prepared to go through some hidden doors and meet dodgy looking men. If that’s not your idea of fun, don’t fret. You still have hundreds of shops to visit and never forget to haggle, it’s the name of the game! I’m not very good at it so I seldom visit Karama market for shopping unless my cousin who’s like the haggle queen (yes Shayne, I’m looking at you) will accompany me and do all the talking.

20. Ikea

Ikea is a Swedish furniture brand that is popular for quality and reasonable prices. You can easily spend 1 or 2 hours looking at all their items and walking through their showrooms. This is a must visit store for my mom whenever she’s in town. And if you’re an early bird, you can try the famous Ikea breakfast (although they already increased their price) or wait for their lunch or dinner and order the Swedish meatballs.

21.Try the abra

An abra – small boat – is a traditional and oldest means of water transport in Dubai. It’s a short ride (5 or 7 minutes depends on where you’re going) between Deira and Bur Dubai but with just 1 dirham, it’s a steal! You can also try the private abra tour for 60 dhs which lasts about an hour or so.

I suggest proceed to Bur Dubai Abra station after the Dubai Museum tour and take abra ride going to Deira Old Souq which is a few minutes walk from Gold souq and Spice souq.

22. Movies under the stars at Wafi Mall

hoto credit: WhatsOn.ae

During winter, if you ever find yourself nothing else to do on a Sunday night, then go and experience open-air cinema at Wafi Mall. Get comfy sinking into one of those beanbags with a box of popcorn and hotdog while watching a Hollywood movie. The best part is its free!

Go check their website for movie schedules.

23. IBN Batuta Mall


If you are doing the mall hopping tour using the metro, never ever miss this stop. We always bring our guests here for its unique ambiance and beautiful concept. It pays respect to the explorer Muhammad Ibn Battuta which is widely recognized as one of the greatest explorers of all time and the mall interior design depicts his adventure with its gorgeous ceiling, different courts representing different countries, huge man-made boat – surely a picturesque destination.

If weather permits, have your coffee, shisha or some snacks in China Garden just like my mom did (minus the shisha 🙂 )


24. Ladies Night

ladies nightPhoto grab from Rotana times

Well, ok, technically this is not a place but if you’re a lady and it’s Tuesday then you’re in for a treat… it’s ladies night! Most clubs offer free drinks to all ladies every Tuesday as early as 6 pm ’til 12 midnight. Isn’t it fun, girls? Just go and search the web for latest offers and you will be spoilt for choice. And it’s just getting better since several clubs even extend their ladies nights on every day of the week! All together now… Girls just wanna have fun… Oohhh girls just wanna have fun…

25. Desert Safari

Photo credit: DeserSafariDubai.com

This might not be entirely cheap but if you try to search around, you can find offers as low as 55 dhs. Not bad for a half-day activity.  Experience dune bashing, sand ski, belly dancing, camel rides and takes thousands of unforgettable photos. I have a confession to make, I’ve never tried this activity but it’s in my to-do list and I will document the experience if and when in happens. I can’t wait!


There it is! My 25 Inexpensive places to visit in Dubai. Can you suggest more places? Comment below and share the info! Remember, sharing is caring 🙂 Enjoy Dubai!

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