Money blocks issue

Do you have the feeling that you should be earning more than what you are receiving currently?

Are you always in debt?

Are you struggling from constant emergency expenses that causes havoc to your budget?

You, my friend, is suffering from money blocks. Money blocks are negative thoughts and energy that prevents to achieve your full earning potential. These money blocks are ingrained in you unconsciously by your family, your community and by our society.

These might be in the form of beliefs, limiting thoughts, perception and judgement.

Have you noticed that someone who is already rich tends to get richer and poor people tends to get poorer? I believe the difference is their mindset. Rich people believe that they can easily earn money and achieve more wealth while poor people tends to focus more on thoughts like “I will never get out of debt”, “I cannot afford that” or “I don’t think I deserve it”.

I’m a fairly positive person and I always tell myself that I usually get what I want which is relatively true especially if I concentrate on that particular “thing” for sometime. But how come there are still things elusive to me? I realized that I have my own money blocks to deal with.

So I listed down all my negative thoughts about money and wealth. Here are my money blocks:

1. I’m too egoistic (or shy) to ask for help or approach people. The result: I don’t learn from new acquaintances and I’m limiting my network.

2. I’m too lax with money. I always say that I’m careless with budgeting and I’m the spender and not the saver type. The result: I spend a lot.

3. It’s too greedy to ask for more money when some people around me live on limited fund. Saying “I want more money” give me cringes. The result: Because of the thought that asking for more is greedy, I feel it prevents me from earning more.

4. I am so used to giving that I don’t expect to receive. The result: Money I lent to other people were never paid back to me.

5. If I stop being employed, my business won’t be able to sustain my lifestyle. The result: my business is now stagnant.

I’ve researched the internet and here are some issues that people have about money:

Money is evil.
Money goes out faster than it comes in.
Rich people are miserable.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money only comes with hard work, suffering and sacrifice.
A penny saved is penny earned.
I need to work hard to pay my bills.
Rich people are crooks.

Our subconscious just takes these as the truth hence it affects our reality. That’s why we have to be careful on what we say and what we entertain on our minds.

To counter these money blocks issue, here are some mindset shifts I always try to practice that I hope can help you as well.

* Money is neither good nor bad; it’s energy.

* I am smart and capable.

* I don’t have a role model. I am the role model.

* It is allowed to be easy.

* Give yourself permission to reach your full potential and to be rich disregarding your nationality, status or gender.

* Don’t be attached to how.

* It’s my time now and I’m ready to take the challenge.

I believe that God gave us everything in abundance which includes time, love, resources and energy to make our life work. It’s ours to receive. It’s ours to claim. To break free from our limiting consciousness, we should always think and say positive affirmations to ourselves loudly everyday, everytime.

Just when a negative thought pass your mind, tap yourself and replace it with a positive one. Think about all the love, happiness and money that God is showering you. Never doubt.

Go on! Do a little soul-searching and write down your money blocks. Being aware of your money issues will help you figure out how to counter it. Now, list several mindset shifts that you can focus on everyday. Write positive affirmations and read it every morning and every time your doubtful.

Final thoughts: To release our money blocks is not easy. We are talking about years of subconscious programming about money issues that won’t take overnight to shift. But it’s also not impossible. It’s never too late. It just requires positivity, trust and belief that the Universe will provide every thing we need. Besides, money is just an energy that’s everywhere which we just need to attract.

Enjoy the process!

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