Modhesh World

Modhesh-World-2015With just few weeks left before school begins, I am thinking of activities that can make the kids’ remaining summer days more enjoyable and memorable. I want to go somewhere we haven’t been before. It’s also a good excuse for me to have something to write about. 🙂

Since hubby has this weekly basketball game at Dubai Sports World in Dubai World Trade Centre every Thursday night, he suggested that we come along and visit Modhesh World. I know it’s quite strange that Modhesh World is already celebrating their 15th edition and yet my kids haven’t been there. Well, better late than never and you know how things become bigger and better every year? I think our timing was just perfect.

So together with my two kids, my nephew Lance and Ate Star, we went last night to Modhesh World and tried this family entertainment place that is only open during summer. We purchased our tickets at the venue and my daughter who’s 3 years old got free entrance. We also got a voucher for free photo. Entrance fee is AED 20 per person and activities cost between AED 10 to 20. Small car rides and video games are around AED 7 per game.

“WOW! The space is huge!!!”. My initial impression was that there were less activities on such a huge area but I was so wrong! We didn’t even able to see everything in the 3 hours we were there.


There were video and arcade games as well as small rides for young kids.ModheshModheshModhesh

There were lots of activities and rides for active boys and girlsModheshModhesh

We were talking about zombies on the way to the venue and they totally freaked out when they saw this.Modhesh

Girls (and girls at heart) will love this activity.Modhesh

We tried some of the games and managed to won one small stuffed toy.Modhesh

One tip, it’s easy to break your budget if you try all the games and rides. With 3 very active kids in tow, I learned that you should put them in activities that will easily tire them out. These inflatable slides did the trick. Modhesh

Happy, sweaty and tired! 🙂Modhesh

I also appreciate that they have various food and snack options that you don’t easily find in malls. A break from the usual brands we see everywhere. Snacks and meals cost from AED 15 to 35.ModheshModheshModheshModheshModhesh

I wonder what the guy was thinking when I took this photo…ModheshModheshModheshModhesh

Unique candies which were all hand-prepared.Modhesh

There’s even a food truck serving burgers, fries and salads.Modhesh

Lance waiting for his order.ModheshModheshModheshModhesh

There were small bazaar that sells all kinds of trinkets.ModheshModhesh

Some performers were there last night. ModheshModhesh

One important thing for me is the toilet and I’m glad it’s clean.Modhesh

And here’s me with the gang last night availing the free photo offered to us.Modhesh


I asked the kids if they had fun and in chorus they said “YES!”. Go and visit Modhesh World. They are open daily until 29th August from 9 am till midnight. Have a good weekend guys! Ciao!



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