Do you have a passion?

Do you have a passion?

I have always felt jealous of people who talk about their passion. May it be passion for dancing or motorbike or baking. Anything that keeps them going. I have a former boss who dances tango and is passionate about it. She says dancing makes her alive and young. It gives her great joy whenever she’s on the dance floor. Recently, she starts to train for diving. She’s turning 60 years old.

And here I am thinking how come I don’t have a passion?

Yes, I love traveling but I don’t actually have the time nor the endless money to pursue it passionately. I love cooking but again only if I have time and I feel like it. I want to try the guitar but I can’t even strum to save my life. So you know, I love lots of things but I’m not really passionate about any of them. I want to be an entrepreneur but I sometimes doubt if I’m cut out for it.

Until this year when I started blogging. Honestly, it’s too early to tell if blogging is my passion, I only started 7 months ago but not losing interest for 7 months is a big deal for me. It’s like a lifetime! I am usually passionate for many things but lose interest after a week or two.

And I believe that you wouldn’t know what you want unless you try it. In finding your passion, you just have to try different things. It can be crocheting, painting, singing or any sport of your choice. You can start your own business and see if you will enjoy it. Just try something.

But I know it’s easier said than done. With our busy lives, we never really pause to think of what we really want. We are so busy making a living that we forget to just enjoy. We wake up at dawn and just dive into our everyday life without stopping until when it’s time to sleep. We repeat this everyday and just consider it as a part of life. But can we spare 1 hour of our time each day to try something new? Something that really interests us and always wanted to do. I don’t think 7 hours in a 42 hour/week will affects us much negatively.

Go on! Try something different every week. Remember, it is just 1 hour everyday.

But wait, what if nothing interests you? Are we then doomed? There was a time that the only thing that interest me is watching re-runs of Oprah. I can watch TV the whole day or read hundred of books and blogs in one sitting and I will be perfectly fine. Some call it laziness, but can I consider it as passion?

How do you know if you found your true passion?


First, I guess the activity gives you a great joy. It doesn’t feel like a task or something to just complete and get over with. It keeps you want to do it even without anyone telling you or expecting you to accomplish it. You might get monetary incentive for what you are passionately doing or not. The important thing is it makes you happy and excited.

Next, You have an ability (or call it a talent) to do your ‘thing’. Doing it just runs naturally to you. You don’t feel like you’re good at it but wonder how come others can’t do it. It’s a sign you are into something.

Lastly, you research about the subject of your interest and dive into it’s history. No one tells you to stay up all night but your mind is buzzing and won’t shut down. You want to know more about it and you are on the verge of being obsessed.

Soooooooo.... I don’t think my binge watching can be considered as passion. Yes, I feel good and I wonder how anyone cannot stay glued on TV the whole day considering it’s the most relaxing thing (I think it’s my talent although I experienced occasional headaches) but this activity don’t give me great joy.

So for passionless people, may I ask you to take the Saturday-morning test.

The Saturday-morning test is simple: if you were to wake up on a Saturday morning with no obligations, what would you spend your time doing? If you’ve found an activity that passes this test and that is “inseparable from your idea of relaxation,” then you might probably have found something interesting.

Continue doing this activity for a week, if possible a month. You never know, your pursuit might let you experience the things I mentioned above. You then found your passion.

And if you realized that you find great joy of taking care of kids or elderly, or you feel the happiest when giving advice to anyone who needs it, or just painting other people’s nails, don’t fret. Who says passion cannot be plain?

Passion doesn’t need to be artistic, exotic or inspirational. Remember your teacher in highschool who talks excitedly about Noli Mi Tangere with hand gestures and deep voice that it makes you excited too?

Passion doesn’t need to wow people. It just needs to satisfy you.

Post edit: You know what I realize after writing this post? I think I am doing my passion all along and I just never realized it. People close to me know how positive I am. I am always into finding solutions than swallowing in misery. I believe in Law of Attraction and how our thoughts affects our everyday lives. I love living a good life and I stop feeling guilty on how we live our life. I love positivity. I’m like a counselor or life coach.The Universe heard what I want and gave it to me and now I have my blogs as my platforms. I am reaching a wider audience. I have two blogs, a lifestyle blog and another one that talks about positivity and personal finance. I actually bought my third domain a few months back. I wanted to build a community of same minded people who has one important goal: Get their first million! May it be dirhams, pesos, dollars, or whatever currency you want. No easy money, no networking or pyramiding. Just a community of same-minded individuals who will help each other through tips and experience sharing on how to achieve their first million either by investing, saving, living frugally, etc. I’m so excited. Stay tuned!

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