Advance Merry Christmas to you Aileen!

There were only a handful who joined my thank you giveaway and I am glad. I don’t need to deal with  people who just joined because of the freebies. This giveaway is not for them.

For past two weeks, I felt like we have a secret group and I’m checking from time to time if our secret was exposed.
I’m happy it didn’t.
That’s the reason why I run this competition for 2 weeks only. It’s long enough for my regular readers to see the blog post but not too long that it will attract the ‘wrong’ people.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and I promise to do this often. I love the feeling of exclusivity that this little giveaway brings. It’s like we are in our own little world.

And for this giveaway, a big congratulations to Aileen of Ajman! I’ll send you a private message dear 🙂

Filipina Expat

Have a good weekend guys!

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