To remind myself why I started blogging

To remind myself why I started blogging

I started this blog last year during the time I was depressed. I was not happy anymore with my job, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (I still do) and I constantly feel guilty for not spending time with my kids. I wanted change but I feel trapped. Blogging diverted my attention to something more positive. I can write mundane things and rant about issues. I can share my experiences and hope that my readers will get something out of it – something useful. I can talk about food, parenting, travel – you know, just light stuff.

Starting out, I was so passionate that I promised to write at least twice a week if not more and boy I write! But real life started kicking in and I can’t even finish one article in 2 weeks. I have so many drafts but can’t publish it. I don’t think you would like to read a post that has 3-4 sentences on it. I read somewhere that for readers to be engaged, consistency is the key. And there’s no way I am consistent with my writing schedule.

I am part of a mummy blogger group wherein some mamas are SAHM while others have regular jobs like me and yet they can blog regularly. They are witty, intelligent, passionate individuals and they seem to be in-control of everything. The group talks how to monetize our blogs, attract more readers, and oomph our blogging game. Most of them are successful and it’s intimidating.

I find myself stressing out again. Not with my day job but with blogging.

Not that my blog hasn’t been noticed. Surprisingly, I am receiving invites to try places and attend events. Sadly, I have to decline most of them and I feel bad whenever I do. I mean how can I refuse all these invitations where I can network with other bloggers, introduce myself to the right set of people and just being out and about to the blogging social circle. I am passing up opportunities to be known internationally (LOL).

But being a life coach to myself, I told her to remember the reason why she started this blog in the first place. This is supposed to be my stress-buster. I should write whenever I want to and I will only blog things that interests me. I should stop stressing about stats, Google ranking or getting that blogger of the year award (is there such a thing? If there is, can you nominate me? 😂).

And I don’t want to sound snobbish but I realized that my time is precious (for sure yours too!).  Will that dinner invitation that will consume 4 hours of my day valuable enough for me? If the answer is no, I’m afraid I have to accept that I won’t be able to go. Unless the invite comes from Filipino-owned entrepreneurs then I might make an exception. I am proud of being a Filipino and admire Filipino entrepreneurs that take risks and just go for the gold!

I know it’s very early for me to be burnt out, I’ve been blogging for less than a year but knowing myself, I have short interest span. I am impatient with myself but also forgiving at the end of the day. Is this a sign of being a Virgo or is it because I was born in the year of the monkey?

Ok. Enough said. Have a good day/evening everyone!

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