Soy Restaurant – IBN Battuta Mall

Soy Restaurant – IBN Battuta Mall

It was a choice between having our lunch at Jones the Grocer or go straight to Ibn Battuta mall where we need to return our tablets for repair (but no, Geant didn’t accept the tablets 🙁 ) I am craving for Jones’ prawn linguini for weeks now but we’re undecided because of parking issues. When we saw the long line of cars on the exit going to Jones the Grocer, we knew that   we just need to visit some other day.

It was an easy decision to eat at Soy. My husband didn’t need convincing and my son, who now has his preferred restaurants and menu type, also agreed. We’ve eaten here several times and tried most of the menu. I’m giving you some idea of what to expect when visiting this restaurant.

It seems that there is another Soy Restaurant in Dubai Mall but of course the one we tried is at IBN Battuta. Soy is a Chinese restaurant located at China Garden of the mall. You will find several other restaurants on the area that serves Italian, Lebanese, Turkish and Indian cuisine.Soy

It would be nice to sit al fresco if only the weather permits. But with temperature reaching up to 50 degree celsius, no thanks.Soy


The restaurant has around 16 tables that can sit 4 people each. Here is the centre area. Most of the diners were sitting at the corners when we were there.Soy


The staff were attentive. They gave us the menu. Here are some of the pages to give you an idea.Soy



While waiting for our order to arrived, they gave us some crackers and you can request for second serving I guess since they offered it to us.Soy

Our food came after 30 minutes and for the kids that’s a loooong time. I hope they can provide some kid activities like coloring papers and crayons. Look how bored they were. We don’t bring their iPad when going out.Soy

I just took more photos to passed the time.Soy

What did we order?

As I said, my son now chooses his own food and he wanted to try the Hong Kong chili prawns. It was spicy! I asked him if he wanted anything else but he said he’s fine although I noticed he was just eating the shrimp together with his steamed rice with no sauce. Note to self: request for mild spicy next time.Soy

My husband wanted to try the Pecking Duck and Char Siu Bao (siopao for us Filipinos).

The serving was quite small. With an appetite like us, the serving’s just good for one person. My son tried the pecking duck and said that he now found his favorite food.Soy

This is the highlight of ordering a pecking duck, preparing our own roll.Soy

The Char Siu Bao was really good. This one has chicken and the dough was really soft. My daughter loved it.Soy

My daughter had the vegetable soup. I enjoyed it.Soy

We also ordered the Prawn Har Gao. Nothing spectacular. I can skip this dish next time we dine in.Soy

I just had water but hubby tried the Yellow Fellow which is described in the menu as “When the lychee lies to the pineapple”. Not sure what it meant but definitely there’s no lychee in that drink. I had a sip and I can say it tasted pineapple with coconut. So for those who enjoys pina colada, you might probably like this but for me, nah. Not a fan.Soy

We didn’t order any dessert but their current dessert offer seems yummy. Too bad we’re too full to try them.IMG_0879

Here’s our bill. I used my Entertainer voucher so we got the lower priced main dish for free.IMG_0904

Overall, the food is good although the serving is quite small, at least for me. I will come back again next time for sure.

Have you been in this restaurant? How’s your experience? Let me know what you think! Have a good day peeps. Ciao!

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