UPDATE: As promised, I’m showing you what’s inside the October box. You can scroll down below.

Another UPDATE: I’m sharing my thoughts on November box.


GlamBox is a company that delivers full sample size of beauty products in your doorstep. Well, that’s the simplest way I can explain it. You get to try samples from different brands and see if they’re worth to purchase.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

The concept is not new. There’s GlamourBox in the Philippines which started since longtime back. I’ve heard of GlamBox before and would check them out from time to time but I wasn’t into skincare or makeup then so it doesn’t have any appeal. Then early this month, I saw Zeyna’s post about the September box. It’s dedicated to Korean beauty products. I quickly check what’s inside and made a quick mental calculation if the products are worth the 80 dhs subscription fee each month.
I figured out that the September box is. The SKIN 79 WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner alone costs 65 dhs already. Not bad. (more…)

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