Birthday month. Woohoo!!!


September is my birthday month and I’m thinking long and hard what I really want for my birthday aside from world peace.
It would be too corny if I say good health, peace of mind and safety because that’s already given.

If I can really indulge, here are the material things I wish to have

Canvas Small Tote from Tory Burch

Birthday month

This new book from J.K. Rowling
Birthday month

I want a bedroom makeover
Birthday month

Clarisonic Mia 2
Birthday month

I love wastelands and stationery shops. I can happily stay there for a day and I’ll be perfectly fine. A shopping spree in Daiso will be heaven! I’ve never been to Dragon Mart and I can imagine it must be paradise for junk lover like me 🙂
Birthday month


Can someone give me an annual pass to Legoland?
Birthday month woohoo!!!

And lastly…

I want to dine in a decent Japanese restaurant that has a conveyor belt. Simple wish for a Japanese wannabe
Birthday month

I hope my fairy godmother hears my heart’s desires and send her little Tinkerbells to grant them.

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