I’ve written this post in January and never got the chance to publish, wtf!
I thought of re-writing it but it would take me another 3 months to push that publish button so let me just post this once and for all. 🙂 Please forgive the Happy New Year greeting…

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Happy New Year!!!

I have several plans this year and one of them is becoming a better blogger. Better in the sense that I will write often and consistently. Last year’s plan was to post one article per week but I am being realistic this year and will do twice a month. If I write more than that then I’ll pat myself at the back for a job well done.

I will again share my experiences on some of the restaurants that I tried. If you noticed, I stopped doing dining reviews sometime last year because most of the places I visited were my frequent go-to restaurants. I felt that you’ve been there before so what’s the use of sharing.

But a friend told me that she appreciates reading my dining experiences since she gets to know new restaurants. And I’m like, these restaurants have been here forever but it’s still new to her. It made me realized that we can always learn something different from each other.

Going back to the topic, my dear friends and I always meet before Christmas for much needed catch-up. This year, I was given the task to find a restaurant venue because they probably know that I love searching for places that serve good food with matching great price. Good thing that I read Cuddle and Crumb‘s experience and I thought it’s worth a try. (more…)

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