Part 3: Roaming in Rome – A DIY Tour

Part 3: Roaming in Rome – A DIY Tour

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Day 3

Third Day was when we visited famous landmarks and had DIY walking tour. Handed with a map, we started the day with a visit to Trevi Fountain. This is where you toss a coin to ensure return to Rome. It was on restoration when we came and I read that it should be completed by October 2015. There is however, a small pool of water from the fountain where tourists throw their coins. Of course, we followed the tradition and threw a coin each. I threw an extra penny and made a special wish.

11073062_1132634980085816_2161812064379903343_o (1)_Fotor

I heard that there are many pick pockets in Rome (well, in any major tourist city I guess) so I took responsibility of taking care of our valuables. I had Gibson’s wallet all throughout our stay and I’m carrying a messenger bag with most of our important stuff inside. We didn’t have any incident, thank goodness. I just mentioned this as a word of precaution.

After Trevi Fountain, we headed to Colosseum and took pictures along the way.

How come most buildings and churches here are like a tourist spots? They’re so beautifulDSC01533_Fotor

We then reached V Foro di Traiano and stayed for a while to take more photos.

Yaya Dub and Alden (choz!)

See that cart on the right (photo below)? All areas are peppered with these carts and you can easily grab some sandwiches for a quick meal. I think we only paid less than EUR 20 for a panini, slice of pizza, a sandwich with a bottle of water and soda in can.DSC01547_Fotor

Of course, a selfie 👩IMG_3274_Fotor

Then we saw the Colosseum from afar. We’re almost there!!!

We didn’t have any pre-purchased ticket for the Colosseum tour. I was thinking that kids won’t really appreciate the ruins. As much as Gibson and I were in awe of the Romans, their life, how they lived, their homes and were so absorbed about their culture and history, I think Cole had enough. Sure, he had fun but I don’t think he really enjoyed the history part.

I can’t get my head wrapped around the idea that we were finally here. We were standing where the Romans did their famous gladiator fights. We’ve only seen this famous landmark on documentaries and movies and now we’re physically here. It’s like a dream.

The Colosseum is on the East part of the Roman Forum. Roman Forum is a plaza surrounded by ruins of ancient government buildings at the center of city of Rome. This is where they had their criminal trials, public speeches and commercial affairs. We decided to go to this area and see if the queue was manageable. It was, so we purchased the tickets. Apparently, the ticket gives you access to the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill (also inside the Forum) and the Colosseum. I thought it’s a good rate but we decided to skip the Colosseum part. We paid EUR 16 for 1 adult ticket and and EUR 4 for Cole. Biel was always free on most museums we visited. She’s only 3 years old.

This is the view from the Palatine hill.

We roamed around the Roman Forum and imagined that this is where the ancient people do their everyday business. We were walking the same path that they walked on. Really overwhelming.

This was a close-up of the Colosseum taken from Palatine hill.DSC01571_Fotor

And this is how we managed the stroller dilemma. Biel’s head keeps on tilting forward and we were afraid she’ll have stiff neck after. This was my bright idea.

This was taken at the exit. There was actually a guy inside.10996430_1132649600084354_3119386099570786975_o_Fotor

After the walking tour, we were too exhausted and decided to take a cab going back to apartment. There was a nice gelato place down our building and Cole and I will always grab a cup or two for Cole as a treat for not complaining.DSC01513_Fotor

My favorite flavors are pistachio and dark choco.

Again for dinner, we just ate in one of the restaurants on the Pantheon area. Most main items cost between EUR 10-30.

Gibson had this gorgeous steak. Italian really knows how to do it correctly.11136246_1132657460083568_4960225052968372875_o_Fotor

I had the seafood rice. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the dish. Very delicious.10849092_1132657036750277_3728839990595162042_o_Fotor

Cole and Biel had pasta. It’s so cheesy and they didn’t scrimp on Parmesan cheese.

We ended Day 3 tired but happy. Here’s Part 4 and the final post about this trip. Our last day was dedicated to children’s activities. Ciao! 🙂


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