I have so many stories to tell but I don’t have enough time. I started writing this inside the train from Florence to Rome. It’s around one and half hour trip and should be enough to write at least one blog post. Post note: It turned out I wasn’t able to finish this post in one sitting. But I’ll try to write as much as I can today before I go back to work tomorrow. 

The preparation for this trip started as early as November last year. My sister Jholen and I were thinking of going on holidays and we first thought of visiting London then Paris but the plan was cancelled because of terror attacks in the city. I suggested visiting Italy again but this time, we would like to visit several cities as well. I can’t remember now why we ended up landing first in Vienna, I think it’s because Qatar Air doesn’t fly to Venice directly so we looked onto the map and see what other country is near Italy. We then asked my dear friend Milet and her hubby Gerald if they would like to join us. Without second thoughts, they said yes. I knew this would be a fun trip!

The whole gang at the airport!12063842_1371451556204156_7804223022981566250_n


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