It’s past 3 am and I was woken up by a bad dream. I’m thinking of happy thoughts so I can go back to sleep. One of my happy thoughts is my dad who is in heaven now. But thinking about him, although they are happy memories, makes me sad.

His 2013 birthday celebration. A year before he went to heaven.Remembering Dad

Did you know that he went to heaven on his birthday? We were in the hospital for a week and since he can’t go back home yet, we were thinking of doing a mini celebration together with his nurses. We’re planning to buy cake, balloons, ice cream. Of course, I have to order noodles for long life. But just after 5 am, after telling my sister, Jem, to take a nap and it’s already my ‘shift’ to take care of him, it was the start of my different life. A life without my father. (more…)

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