My Dubai Beauty Haul

I made a goal of publishing 2 blog posts a week on each of my blogs and that’s really quite a challenge. With a full-time job, driving/travel time, quality time with the kids, some adult conversation with the husband, a side hobby, and everything else in between, I don’t actually have a concrete plan on how I can squeeze in my writing into my already hectic schedule. But that’s the plan and I will stick to it as long as I can.

So while thinking of topic to discuss, I prowled my favorite lifestyle blogs to have some ideas. Well, I can be like Divasoria and take inspiration from her Glossy posts. I can share the current beauty products I’m using. But, but, but… would I look so superficial? And who cares what shampoo I’m using, right?!? I’m not a celebrity or anything. But then, I realized it’s my blog and I can just write anything that I can think of. And I need something to write for goodness sake! (more…)

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